Rick’s uses Astech, an on-demand, expert, remote diagnostic tool. Because of this, we have access to OEM diagnostics during dis-assembly and are able to have a complete repair plan, upfront. We can order all parts including modules and sensors on the first day of the repair and because all codes set during the process can be reset or reprogrammed in-house, we no longer need to send the car to a dealership upon completion. Using the innovative Astech device, we connect over the Internet to an ASE certified Master Certified Technician. With an average of over 20 years of automotive experience, the Astech  Master Technician diagnoses the problem(s) and sends a report, listing all DTC codes present at the time of the scan, along with expert level instruction about their meaning and what needs to be done to fix each problem.

The Master Technicians at Astech have an average of over 20 years of automotive experience. Each has multiple ASE certifications ranging from service consultant to advanced L1 engine performance certification. At a minimum, the Master Technicians specialize in electronic systems diagnostics. Only qualified experts meet their standards to scan vehicles, deliver the Astech service and provide insight onto the Astech reports.