Photo Estimate

Fair or Fleeced?

Lets talk insurance estimates generated by photo apps. Are they fair or are you being fleeced?

If you are a claimant (not at fault), more than likely,  you’ll be shorted money by using one of these apps.  If you are the insured (at fault), any non- visible, hidden damage will be missed,  and you wont benefit from the full value of your policy.

The Process

After an accident, some insurance companies ask customers to email photos or download an app to assess the damage. Once the insurance company receives these photos, they create an estimate based off of them and usually issue a check off of that assessment.

The Problem

The photos can not show the depth of the damage or any hidden damage. Many times, they’ll use low rates and figure the lowest beginning price hoping the vehicle will not be fixed,  which saves them money.

Our Solution

Set an appointment for a damage analysis and let us give you a detailed report based off of the manufacturer guidelines for repair. We disassemble the vehicle for a complete assessment and then we process the documents needed to either get the entire amount of the damage paid to you, or do the repairs returning your vehicle back to you just as good as before the accident.
We look forward to serving you at either location in Mishawaka, on 12th St., or on Mayflower Road in South Bend. Click the link below for an appointment now!