1.Who is qualified to repair my vehicle?
There are many technicians qualified in our area. We have training opportunities yearly and take advantage of them. Cosmetic repairs require a shop that focuses on pleasing the customer instead of scoring well with an insurance company. Harder hits that have structural damage do require specific equipment. Make sure to check the online ratings and choose a shop with a great customer experience history.

2.Will my vehicle be the same after an accident?
No. If you use your insurance company, your amount of repair will be recorded to the vin and will be public knowledge forever. Vehicles with accident history are worth less than those without. Some customers are okay with these circumstances and others are not.

3.Do you have to fix your vehicle if it is NOT totalled?
No. The insurance company will write the visual damage and it is your choice regarding repairs. Depending on how new the vehicle is and how many miles on it will determine the value. If your vehicle has a loan, you must buy out the loan to release the lean on the title in order to sell it. We see newer vehicles with loans which have equity pressure forcing customers to go with repairing the vehicle. Some customers opt to take the money instead of repairing. Again, the decision is the owner of the vehicle on where, who, and if the repairs are done.

4. What happens when my car is totalled?
The insurance company will determine the value of your vehicle. We typically see values in the retail range based on our area and the miles used. Once a value is agreed on, then you choose whether to take the full amount of the offer or to negotiate a buy back amount for your car. Example: Your truck is totaled and the insurance company values it at 10000. You can receive the full amount and give the insurance company the truck or ask them how much out of the 10k they will deduct if you retain it. If they value the wrecked truck at 1000, then you could get a check for 8k and retain possession. Depending on how new the truck is will establish if the vehicle stays a clean title or gets branded a salvage title.