I’m sure we all have a Dad or that one Uncle that we trust to go with us to check out a used car we we want to purchase.  Well, if it just so happens they can’t make the trip with you, we put together a list of simple, but very important questions to ask the seller that may make the difference between getting a jewel or a lemon.

*  Has the vehicle been in an accident?

When was the last oil change?

When was the last wheel alignment?

Did the alignment show any suspension wear?

Are there detailed maintenance records?

Some things that you will need to look at while checking the vehicle over and during the test drive.

*  Does tire tread look even?

Is there rust on the inside bottom lip of doors?

Are there any rattles during the test drive?

Does the vehicle pull to either side while test driving?

Are any warning lights lit up on the dash?

Hopefully you take your time and apply these questions and important items to look for. If you need help with an inspection, call and make an appointment for us to look it over.